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Electric Pepper-mill

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Elevate your culinary experience with the Electric Peppermill, featuring a built-in light to precisely grind and illuminate your peppercorns for flawless seasoning.

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What's Included

1 x Electric Peppermill with light in spice compartment


High-quality stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic for durability and safety

Product Details

  • One-handed operation for convenient grinding
  • Adjustable grind settings for coarse or fine pepper
  • Built-in light illuminates the spice chamber for precise targeting
  • Powerful ceramic grinder efficiently crushes peppercorns
  • Large capacity chamber minimizes refills
  • Battery-powered for portability and versatility
  • Light Up Your Seasoning

See exactly where you're grinding for perfect flavor distribution.

  • Unlock Flavourful Potential

Unleash the full aroma and taste of your peppercorns with every grind.

  • Grind Your Way

See exactly where you're grinding for perfect flavor distribution.

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Why Cuisine Sante

Cuisine Sante focuses on providing top-of-the-line, health-focused kitchenware. Their unique cookware features a special stainless steel composition incorporating chrome and titanium for enhanced quality and durability.

Frequently asked questions about this product.

What type of batteries does the peppermill use?

The peppermill requires 4 X AAA batteries.

Is the ceramic grinder easy to clean?

Yes, the grinder can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Does the light automatically turn on when grinding?

Yes, the light activates automatically during grinding for seamless seasoning.