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2000W Double Induction Plate with Digital Display

2000W Double Induction Plate with Digital Display

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Unleash the future of cooking with our 2000W Double Induction Plate. Infused with modern technology and design, this induction plate is not just a cooktop; it's an experience. Its high efficiency ensures that your meals are prepared quickly, and the intuitive digital display makes it a delight to use.

  • Power-packed Performance: Powered by a robust 2000W, guaranteeing rapid heating and cooking.
  • Digital Display: Features 4 digital displays, offering precision and ease in setting temperatures.
  • Convenient Timing: Comes with a preset timer, allowing you to cook for up to 3 hours without worries.
  • High Efficiency: Designed for optimal performance, ensuring energy-saving cooking.
  • Sleek and Modern: Its contemporary design ensures it's not just a utility, but also an elegant addition to your kitchen.

Step into a new era of cooking with the Double Induction Plate, blending efficiency, elegance, and modern technology for an unmatched culinary journey.

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