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4 in 1 Air Cooler with 8L Water Capacity and Remote Control

4 in 1 Air Cooler with 8L Water Capacity and Remote Control

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Introducing the innovative 4 in 1 Air Cooler, designed to elevate your comfort and air quality. Not just an ordinary fan, this device offers cooling, humidifying, and purifying functionalities, ensuring that you get the best atmosphere in your space. With a substantial 8L water capacity, 550m3/H airflow, and additional features such as ice gel boxes and a washable filter, it's the ultimate device for maintaining optimal air quality.

  • 4-in-1 Functionality: Combines fan, cooling, humidifying, and purifying features in one compact unit.
  • High Efficiency: 75W power with an impressive 8m/s fan speed ensures efficient cooling.
  • Generous Water Capacity: Features an 8L water tank, allowing prolonged use without frequent refills.
  • Remote Control: Comes with a remote and 5-hour timer for convenient and easy adjustments.
  • Clean Air Assurance: Washable filter, removable cooling pad, and multi-layer air strainer ensure clean and purified air.

Designed for users seeking a comprehensive solution to air quality and comfort, the 4 in 1 Air Cooler stands as a beacon of efficiency and convenience. With features like a water pump circulation system and automatic vertical louvre swing, it offers an unparalleled cooling experience. Whether it's for your home or office, this air cooler promises to be an invaluable addition to any space.

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