Exploring the Fusion: European Techniques in Lebanese Dishes with Common Kitchenware

Exploring the Fusion: European Techniques in Lebanese Dishes with Common Kitchenware

When traditional Lebanese recipes meet European cooking techniques and common kitchenware, the culinary magic that ensues is something to behold. Let's see how blending these elements can offer a renewed zest to our favorite dishes.

1. Slow-Cooking with Cast Iron Pots

Europe, especially countries like France, has long embraced the wonders of cast iron pots for slow-cooking. Lebanese dishes like 'Loubyeh B Zeit' (green beans in olive oil) can benefit from the even heating of these pots, making the beans tender and absorbing the rich flavors of olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic.

2. Baking Manakish on Pizza Stones

Traditional Manakish, usually made on a 'saj', can get a crispy makeover when baked on pizza stones, reminiscent of European pizzas. This method infuses the Lebanese bread with a crusty base, introducing a delightful fusion to the classic.

3. Sous-Vide Kebabs with Immersion Circulators

The sous-vide technique, which took Europe by storm, uses immersion circulators to cook food evenly in water baths. Adopting this for Lebanese 'Shish Taouk' ensures that the meat remains juicy and cooked to perfection.

4. Layering Kibbeh in Baking Dishes

European baking dishes, which often house lasagnas and gratins, can be employed to give 'Kibbeh bil sanieh' a layered makeover. The depth of these dishes allows for even layering and consistent cooking.

5. Creamy Lentil Soup in Stainless Steel Sauce Pots

Lebanese lentil soup ('Shorbet Adas') can adopt a creamier consistency when simmered slowly in stainless steel sauce pots, popular in European kitchens. The pot's design ensures even heat distribution, integrating the creaminess beautifully with the lentils.

6. Emulsifying Dressings with Whisks

A simple whisk, staple in European and global kitchens alike, can transform the dressings of Lebanese salads like 'Fattoush' and 'Tabbouleh'. It ensures a flawless blend of olive oil, lemon, and spices, offering each bite a burst of harmonized flavors.

In summary, while each cuisine has its essence and soul, the right, everyday kitchenware can act as the unifying force, bringing together the best of both worlds. At Kitchen Kollection, we believe in this harmonious blend and invite you to experience it with our curated range of kitchen essentials. Dive into the fusion and watch as age-old recipes take on a refreshing twist!

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