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Munich Flagship cookware

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Our patented 7 ply thermal sandwich base combined with the highest quality "Surgical ChromoTanium Stainless Steel" makes Cuisine Santé Cookware the highest quality cookware available today in the industry. Cuisine Santé Cookware is particularly suitable for dietary and healthier lifestyle cooking and uses hardly any water or fats conserving the natural vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Through its fast and even heat distribution we promise you savings in energy, time, and mostly your health.

Our "See through Covers" combined with the "thermometer" guide you to successful cooking practices that you will observe in total ease while cooking.

Our handles are completely heat resistant and can easily go into the oven. Our patented drip less rims are also easy to clean and attract no build up leaving them bacteria free.

Do yourself a favor and book one of our culinary demonstrations today in order to discover how to make amazingly healthy meals in the comfort of your own home.


Surgical ChromoTanium Stainless Steel


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Cook without fat

There is many benefits of using the Cuisine Santé International cookware!

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