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16 PCS Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Blue Glass Lids

16 PCS Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Blue Glass Lids

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Upgrade your kitchen with the Royalty Line 16 PCS Stainless Steel Cookware Set, expertly crafted with a durable stainless steel construction, offering both quality and style. The elegant mirror polishing both inside and outside not only provides a sleek look but also promises longevity and robustness. Experience convenient and efficient cooking with this comprehensive set designed to cater to all your culinary needs.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with mirror polishing for a long-lasting shine and durability.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Features a 7-step bottom design to ensure even heat distribution, preventing hot spots and providing consistent cooking results.
  • Convenient Monitoring: T-style blue glass lids allow for convenient monitoring of the cooking process, helping to retain heat and moisture.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all stove types including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction, offering versatile cooking options.
  • Comprehensive Set: A 16-piece set including a variety of cookware pieces, ensuring you have everything you need for any culinary endeavor.

This set is designed for the discerning home chef, bringing convenience and style to your kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned chef or just starting out, this cookware set will meet your various cooking needs, being suitable for a wide array of dishes from boiling and frying to steaming. The set includes:

  • Frying Pan ø 24 x 6.5 cm with Metal Lid and Marble Coating
  • Casserole ø 24 x 14 cm with Metal Lid
  • Casserole ø 20 x 10 cm with Metal Lid
  • Saucepan ø 16 x 8 cm with Metal Lid
  • Steamer ø 20 x 9.5 cm
  • Mixing Bowl ø 20 cm with Plastic Lid
  • Suction Knob
  • Bakelite Mat x 2 pieces
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