3Energy Savings:
Using our “Cuisine Santé ChromoTanium Cookware” cooking system reduces the amount of energy used during cooking. If an average family spends $60 a month on energy then they can save up to $20 a month. When our cookware is combined with an induction stovetop you can save up to an additional 70%.

Grease and Oil Savings:
The Cuisine Santé International Cooking System allows you to cook without the addition of fats, oils, or butter if you wish. When done properly this can help you prepare healthier meals for yourself and your family. And, by not having to buy butter, margarine, or oils for cooking you can save up to another $5 per month.

Saving on your grocery bills:
Cooking with your traditional cookware causes the loss of most of the valuable vitamins and minerals in your food. With the Cuisine Santé International cooking system, food can be prepared without any loss of vitamins, minerals and your food keeps its original volume. An average family of four spends $771.10 on groceries in the USA per month. You can save up to 20% of this amount using our Cuisine Santé International cookware. That's another saving of over $100 per month!

Cooking Utensil Savings:
Never replace another cooking utensil thanks to our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Time Savings:
Save time cooking! Save time in cleaning! Cooking with Cuisine Santé International cookware is quick and efficient. On average, you will save up to half an hour a day using our cookware.

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