Muscle & Fitness Magazine has proclaimed vibrating exercise technology as “One of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning.” It is safe, easy, and effective for anyone to do. Der Triumph® equipment is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles, and physical abilities. As little as 10 minutes a day, three times a week of Vibration Therapy will let you achieve a new level of health, fitness, and well being. Don't waste any more time driving to the gym or health club waiting for your turn to use the equipment. All you have to do is find ten spare minutes a few times a week to reach optimal results. Der Triumph® was designed to provide all the benefits of exercise without any of the constraints. Conventional exercise can cause stress to joints, ligaments, and tendons, and risk of injury. Der Triumph® functions in the specific one-directional, oscillating pattern based on the concept of a center fulcrum and an alternating right/left, up and down motion. This triangular oscillating vibrating motion has been proven to be the safest and most effective vibration technique.

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